Bang-O-Matic driver is the longest hitting driver ever made. It holds the current long drive record of 539 yards. It also holds the women's world long drive record of 362 yards and junior's world long drive record of 400 yards. Bang-O-Matic driver has won 6 world long drive championships since its debut in 2004.Bang-O-Matic is the first driver to feature the Flow Alignment (FA) System technology design. Flow Alignment directs more energy from the club head to the ball with less power dispersion. Most modern-day drivers deliver only 78% of the proper directional energy toward the ball with 22% dispersion of energy. With the unique Flow Alignment System technology, the energy transfer rate increased up to 94%. This contributes to a straighter and farther drive.Bang-O-Matic has 460cc and 401cc versions. The 401cc driver head is designed to appeal to players who prefer smaller heads and comes in colors of black, burgundy and navy blue. The driver is offered in lofts from 4.5 degrees all the way up to 20 degrees in both right and left handed, mens or ladies.Brodie Golf Manufacturing Co. offers all Bang-O-Matic drivers custom fit and custom made in all the above lofts.